Pen to Paper - Erin Kelly, Ottawa-based writer

A little bit about me...


Well hi there! My name is Erin; I'm an Ottawa-based writer, blogger, Oxford comma fan, and all-around word geek.

I always knew I wanted to be a writer. Growing up, I either had my nose buried in a book or was coming with new ideas for a story. As a testament to this, there are about 50 manuscripts in various stages of completion stashed away at my parents' place.

Fast forward a "few" years, and I've put that passion to good use with more than 11 years of experience in journalism and communications. Here's the Coles Notes version of my background: I started as a reporter for a community newspaper in Ottawa, eventually moving into the role of editor overseeing four newspapers, and later making the shift to corporate communications working for provincial and national organizations.

I thrive on variety and have written in virtually every medium and on numerous topics - from travel and insurance to climate change and agriculture, and everything in between (including even a piece on "how to select the best lawn mower").


But what does this experience translate to for you?

It means I know how to write in a way that forms a lasting impression on your audience. That connection means more followers, leads, and sales for you.

Whether it's a blog post, newsletter, web copy, or marketing collateral, I focus on telling the story of your brand in a way that ensures your personality shines through.


So what do I do when I'm not typing away?

I spend my spare time with my incredibly supportive husband and our two incredibly needy cats (whom I routinely have to persuade to not walk across my keyboard).

I enjoy trying out new recipes while belting out show tunes or singing along to Bing Crosby. In the warmer months, I can often be found pretending to have a green thumb while puttering around in our gardens.

So that's my story. I'd be thrilled to help you tell yours! Let's chat.