For a lot of businesses and non-profit organizations, it can be challenging to find time for writing content to promote a new program or event, update web copy, or just let people know about what it is you do. 

Especially since sharing your story is about more than just putting some words together. It's about finding a style that reflects the personality of your business or organization. It's about connecting with your audience. And it's about creating interest. After all, your content is a reflection of your brand.

That's where I can help.

I'm Erin, and I'm the person behind the words here at Pen to Paper. I create compelling and creative content that resonates with a company's target audience.

Interested in having content that showcases the personality of your business? Want to make your audience stop in their tracks and pay attention?

Then let's work together to tell your story.

And if we happen to share some laughs along the way, all the better!

Image on pen on paper for writing purposes.

Ready to get started?

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